Tyre Tube


This Warranty applies to all inner tubes, manufactured and sold by Maxxis Rubber India Pvt.Ltd.

Terms & Conditions:-

  • During the warranty period, we accept up to 3 puncture repairs, only in case of manufacturing defects in tube.
  • The warranty does not cover tubes which have been repaired or have visible signs of a repair, except in the case of a puncture.
  • This warranty is valid for a total of 18 months, from the date of manufacture.
  • The first 6 months are free of cost, applicable on manufacturing defects only.
  • After 6 months, the warranty is calculated on pro-rata basis.
Period Charge %
0 to 6 months from date of manufacturing FOC
6 to 12 months from date of manufacturing 50%
12 to 18 months from date of manufacturing 75%